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Where can Biometrics be applied?

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Advertising Collateral

We can analyze the real-time effectiveness of advertising materials by tracking consumers' emotional responses and comprehension on a second-by-second basis. These insights aid advertisers in pre-testing campaign effectiveness.

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Product and Packaging Design

We can help assess product concept and packaging design efficacy by capturing real-time consumer responses. This allows product designers to gauge consumer preferences and engagement pre-launch, saving hundreds and thousands of dollars down the line.

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Digital Marketing and UX

We can analyse pain points and consumer engagement while browsing social media content and websites, offering digital marketers insights to create a optimised online experience. Additionally, providing objective, scientifically-derived insights to enhance user experience through the identification of potential frictions.

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Consumer Behaviour

We can help you understand your consumers' motivation, perception, and behaviours during decision-making scenarios. This is an invaluable insight for assessing the significance of specific decision-making factors and gaining deeper insights into how your consumers' make decisions.

Sensory and Shopping Experience

Through sensory and preference testing, we can identify the optimal sensory profile and enhance the effectiveness of using different sensory cues, such as smell and taste, in retail experience. Tracking consumers’ responses moment-by-moment, allows for the identification of how consumers search for and choose products.

Industry Partners

Find below companies we have been involved with through Research Grants and Industry Reports and Projects.

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Maximise Your Results

We work closely with you to ensure that our research solutions deliver the results you need. Our team of experts will help you make sense of the data and provide actionable insights that drive business success.

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