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We use biometrics and digital innovation to understand consumer behaviour better, providing businesses with valuable insights that lead to success. 

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Trusted Experts in Consumer Research

Welcome to Consumer Research Lab, your premier market research partner. We specialize in uncovering unique insights into consumer behavior and preferences using cutting-edge technologies like consumer biometrics. 

Here are some of the tools we use.

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Biometric Wristband

Quantifies skin conductance (sweat levels) and heart rate for a comprehensive grasp of consumer engagement and interest levels, enhancing research precision and strategic understanding.

Eye-Tracking Devices

Facilitates real-time tracking of consumers' cognitive processing, gaze patterns, and dwell time, empowering dynamic insights into their engagement and decision-making processes.

Immersive Technology.png

Immersive Technology

Creates an immersive experience that replicates a user's presence in a physical environment, offering an engaging and lifelike interaction for deeper consumer insights.

Facial expressions.png

Facial Expression Analysis

Offers precise insights into consumers' emotional states, delivering an invaluable understanding of their feelings and reactions, essential for informed decision-making.

Brain Wave.png

Brainwave Headset

Analyses brainwave and neural activity to comprehend learning, memory processes, and assess purchase intention, providing profound insights into consumer behaviour.

Discover the Power of Biometric Research

At Consumer Research Lab, we help you understand today's consumer better than ever before.


Contact us today to learn more.

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