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Evidence-based market research and neuromarketing solutions for industry problems

The Lab

The Consumer Research Lab (CRL) specialises in the use of consumer biometrics and digital innovations to conduct consumer and market research. It provides businesses with an innovative, objective and scientific means to understand consumer behaviour through the use of eye tracking, brainwave, facial expression and other technologies. Compared to other traditional research methodology, these innovations may track consumers’ feelings, thoughts, and experience in a second-by-second and element-by-element manner. 



Combined this with immersive technologies, digital analytics, and behavioural tracking innovations, The Lab has collaborated with many industry partners including HBF, Lotterywest, RAC, and Redbull amongst others. The Lab has applied its innovative research method in optimising advertising assets, safety communication, website / app usability, tourism experience, game design, training simulations, learning innovations and human-AI interaction.

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Consumer Research Lab (B407.211)

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