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Meet the Team


A/Prof Billy Sung

Research Director


Billy specialises in digital marketing and consumer psychology, especially in the application of neuromarketing methodology in multiple disciplines including psychology, marketing, health, nursing, and robotics. 


Dr Sean Lee

Deputy Research Director

Sean specialises in consumer behaviour within the fields of marketing, tourism, hospitality and entertainment. His passion for the inner workings of “the authentic brand” sees him offer creative solutions which build brand equity.

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A/Prof Min Teah

Research Lead

(Food and Beverage)

Min specialises in branding and consumer behaviour with a focus on the food and beverage industry. She uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative methodologies designed to suit.

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Mr Patrick Duong

Lab Manager


Patrick specialises in consumer behaviour using a mix of methodologies including economic choice modeling and neuromarketing. His research interests lie in the food and beverage industry.  


Mr Keegan Kok

Research Specialist 


Keegan’s research field of interest is in music psychology, with a specific focus on cross-cultural music psychology. He is interested in the different music trends and listening habits of individuals across different cultures.


Ms Michelle Stankovic

Senior Research Specialist


Michelle’s work focuses on how emotion impacts cognitive processes, using both behavioural and psychophysiological measures. Michelle’s specific focus is on bilingual decision-making, which intersects social and cognitive psychology disciplines. Her other research passion is open science.

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Dr Mingming Cheng

Research Lead

(Digital Marketing)

Mingming is a senior lecturer in digital marketing in the School of Management and Marketing at Curtin University. Mingming is an award-winning researcher and educator with an international reputation in digital economy and tourism. Mingming has been a consultant for a number of organisations, providing industry training and advice on digital consumers and social media analytics.

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Dr Stuart Bender

Research Lead

(VR and Immersion) 


Stuart specialises in the impact of media on audience emotion, with an emphasis on connecting audience measurement with an understanding of the creative techniques used by the medium. Stuart’s background is in media production and analysis, with many traditional films and VR productions screened competitively in international festivals.

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Dr Stephanie Thomas

Adjunct Research Fellow 

Stephanie is an experimental economist. She uses lab and virtual reality environments to assess the way individuals and groups respond to changes in incentives and environmental cues.


Dr Wesley Lim


Wesley specialises in branding and consumer psychology. He is passionate about the building blocks of strong brands; and the psychological factors that drive consumer decision-making in areas such as guilt appeals and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). 


Mrs Yoyo Zhang

Research Specialist

Yoyo’s research interests are in consumer psychology and consumer buying behavior, specialising in ageing people’s wellbeing, intergenerational advertising, and wine premiumisation. Her research to date focuses on conducting systematic literature review to devise evidence-based marketing strategies.


Miss Reyhane Hooshmand

Research Specialist

Reyhane specialises in marketing and consumer behavior. She is also expert in the application of neuromarketing approach in marketing and management aspects such as consumer behavior, branding, and leadership.

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Miss Joanna Lin

Research Specialist

Joanna is a marketing specialist and researcher in the field of food, nutrition, and consumer behaviour. Her work offers significant contribution to better understand food intake and consumption, and the effect of food-related marketing strategies.


Miss Aysa Bahar Arjmand

Marketing Administrator

Aysa's area of interest is cross-cultural psychology and marketing. She manages the marketing and communications for the Lab.

Research Specialist

Olivia’s research interests are in psychology, social justice and entertainment. Currently, she is conducting behavioural research within the field of biodiversity and conservation.

Mrs Olivia De Melo

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