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Our Research 

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Product and
Packaging Design

The lab evaluates the effectiveness of product concept and packaging design by capturing consumer's response in real time. Product designers can assess consumer's liking and engagement toward different product and packaging concepts before market launch.

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Sensory and Shopping Experience

Using sensory and preference testing, the lab can identify the optimal sensory profile and enhance the effectiveness of using different sensory cues, such as smell and taste, in retail experience. By tracking consumers’ responses moment-by-moment, the lab also identifies how consumer search for and choose products.

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Digital Marketing and UX

By analysing pain points and consumer engagement when browsing through social media content and websites, the lab offers insights for digital marketers to create a user-friendly and pleasant online experience. The lab also provides objective and accurate insights to enhance user experience by identifying frictions in a scientific manner

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Consumer Behaviour

The lab allows businesses to learn consumer's motivation, perception, and behaviours when they are faced with decision making situation(s). This is useful to evaluate the importance of specific factors that guide decision and to gain better insights into consumers' decision making process. 

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In real time, the lab is able to analyse the effectiveness of advertising collaterals based on second-by-second consumer's emotional reactions and comprehension. Such results are useful for advertiser to pre-test their marketing campaign effectiveness. 

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