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Unlike traditional market research, data is collected in natural situations and in real time, providing reliable and objective information about what consumers think and feel when they interact with marketing collaterals. Its versatility represents a marked move away from traditional marketing analytics. This innovative approach enables the development of the products and strategies, for brands, which reflect dynamic and ever-changing consumer behaviour in real industry settings. 

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Eye Tracking Device

Enables continuous and live tracking measures of consumer's processing level, gaze and dwell time.

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Immersive Technology

Generates immersive experience, which simulates a user's presence within a physical environment. 

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Measures skin conductance (sweat level) and heart rate to understand consumer's engagement and interest.

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Measures brainwave and brain activity to understand the learning and memory process, along with determining purchase intention.

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Facial Expression Analysis

Provides accurate measure of consumer's emotional states.

Consumer Research Lab (B407.211)

Curtin University, 208 Kent Street, Bentley, WA 6102

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